"We only met three minutes ago...

...and we're already engaged."

Regular Price: $450

CAST Artist's Special: $300


So what is the purpose of a VOvidi?

When working with a small business owner, an artist, a musician, a service provider, the director of non-profit organization, my goal and my challenge as a web designer is to capture the passion that brought an enterprise into existence and keeps it moving forward, and translate that passion to an online experience.  I have designed the VOvidi product to do this like it's never been done before.

What makes a VOvidi so unique?

The real challenge of making a promotional video that features a person providing an explanation of their services or products boils down to three major problems:  

1) it's a video, and there are so many things that need attention and have to be controlled for it to look and sound really good

2) it features a person who is most likely NOT comfortable in front of a camera, especially in video mode 

3) preparing a presentation or explanation that can be delivered to a video camera can take many hours, if not many days.

While starring in a video is not something that many people are comfortable doing, almost everyone performs and demonstrates and persuades and explains dozens of times a day, in person or on the phone, as they answer questions posed by people who are interested in what they do.  With no preparation or warning whatsoever, in the process of answering a single question, that critical passion is conveyed in a manner that no rehearsed or prompted video could ever hope to do.  

So... I prefer a production process that requires a minimal amount of planning. Just set aside an hour and turn off your phone.

I use a number of different styles, from a moving collage of still images and video clips all the way to a full blown 'in your face' infomercial if that's your style. Often we lay down a 'base track' with a simple, natural conversation in which you answer a few questions and go off on a tangent or two. I've often found that the most golden moments of chatting with a new client happen before they actually decide that we are going to work together, and find myself saying "I sure wish I had recorded that". So please don't consider me a rude dude if we pause the chit-chat until the red light comes on.

Then, with our conversation in mind, I shoot still pictures and short video clips to overlay throughout the video. If you have images or clips on file, I am prepared to put them on a thumb drive and incorporate them into the production.

In the editing process, I go through the conversation and distill your comments to the essence of of your message... get to the soul of your wit... and craft a narrative in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt: "Be sincere, Be brief, Be seated."

I have recently incorporated a revolutionary audio recording element into my productions, dramatically improving the sound quality.